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Chicago Art & Architecture, Foundations, Galleries, Exhibitions

July 15, 2018
In the previous posts I’ve included some images from our travels in May and June, centered in Chicago with a road trip to Plano, Illinois and Columbus, Indiana to see examples of modern architecture

Art & Architecture Bookends: Chicago, a Roadtrip, and back to Chicago

July 12, 2018
When we were planning this recent visit to be with family in Chicago, we knew there would be numerous things to see and do, so timing our visit to coincide with some of them was essential. We organize

Midwest Road Trip, Part II- Plano, Illinois to Columbus, Indiana or, Mies to Eero

July 3, 2018
After the exciting and informative tour of Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Farnsworth House, we looked for a restaurant in Plano, IL, and found a small, family-run Mexican place with décor dedicated to

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