arttaj v.2

arttaj v.2

November 17, 2013
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My website has been live for one year and begins its second year this month. To mark the occasion, it has been updated with a new look and features, and a better infrastructure which should make it faster, easier to navigate, read, enjoy, and share. If you have been a regular visitor to the site you know that I haven’t  bombarded viewers with posts or junk mail, or offered  daily specials or sent you off to meaningless or empty links. I present one or two posts per month and if you use the archives widget you can find them listed by month. A search bar has been added to help find your way to topics, posts, or individuals you may be interested in revisiting within the site. My blog section, words, is not designed as a conventional blog with an ongoing dialog of comments and replies; a comment section is now active for those who would like to leave comments.  I am the moderator and I review and post comments relevant to the topic. Private comments can be sent to me directly via the contact form on the last page.

The front page, portfolios, is designed to introduce the three areas that have been the focus of my art. Click on an image and it will take you to a gallery of works in that category. Clicking on an image in these pages both enlarges a specific image and opens it in the gallery view. Each gallery may also be found in the menu bar as drop downs under portfolios. New this year, for mobile device users, is an interface that allows a swipe feature so you can move to a new image with a gesture on the screen when viewing the galleries. The site is now optimized for retina screens. One can return to the conventional home page, by clicking on my name in the title on any of the pages. Sharing icons have been included so you can easily share anything on the site with social media you utilize. Feel welcome to follow my occasional tweets, which are mainly arts related.

During the first year, the initial effort was to compile and present a sampling of art works from my archive, artworks that have been exhibited and are in collections, both private and public, and for the most part, that I no longer have. I wanted to share these artworks with you, and others who may encounter my work for the first time. I also experimented with different ways of presenting the artworks, in a gallery format or individually with some backstory. As the site evolved I found that I used the words section more than I originally thought I would. The site will continue to evolve as it has over this past year.

In the world of the internet, the statistics for this site are minuscule. For me it has been exciting to have visitors from countries and cities around the world; many have come to the site because some of my topics show up in their searches, and others who found the site by, who knows how?  I am honored to have subscribers and regular visitors to the site who have viewed arttaj v1.

I am excited to begin the second year with arttaj v.2,  which continues at the same url:



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About Thomas Johnston

West coast based artist, Thomas Johnston, is a painter, printmaker, photographer. His artworks are found in private and public collections internationally. He has had residencies and worked independently in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, and England. His studio is located in the South Sound region of the Pacific Northwest near Olympia, Washington.

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  1. Deborah November 17, 2013 8:15 pm

    Checking you out buddy !


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