Night photography

Night Walk Night Hawks

March 24, 2019
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A walk around downtown Olympia on a drizzly spring Friday night inspires this post. Viewers who are familiar with my approach know that I’m a creature of habit, returning to locations time and again, to see and record changes that occur over time. I’ve shared some of those experiences in previous posts and add a few new images.

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Coal Train – Night

October 1, 2016
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Pulp Mill 2016

Site of former pulp mill, Bellingham, Washington

At the outset I’d like to say that this post isn’t specifically about art, but it may provide some insight in to how my thought processes, combined with history, experience, and environment, inform my process of making pictures.

One of the first things I ever heard about Bellingham

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Street Photography Night

August 28, 2013
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One never knows what will be found when walking around an urban environment, especially at night. On some nights the streets are empty and it seems no one is around. On other nights the crowded streets are filled with a wide variety of people walking, talking, weaving in and out of the shadows. Walking around downtown Olympia, shooting images with DavidF on a hot summer night in August 2013, we found ourselves in an alley by the freewall of the Olympia Film Society. Thanks to MM.

Presenting this slideshow as an introduction. Click on the individual images for a larger scale gallery view.

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